We Are the Change


To support and encourage young people, giving them the tools they need to lead a healthy and happy life.

Our Vision:

  • Provide our young people with the tools they need to be independent citizens of our world
  • Encourage self-discovery, independent thinking, and self-worth
  • Advocate for change, in our community, that supports the mission and vision of this organization
  • Support individuality and compassion
  • Educate our young people, as well as our community, on the importance of individuality and acceptance
  • Support individuals in their quest for peace, healing, and self-love.
  • Provide insight into the epidemic of abuse in our society

What We Do:

  • Social Emotional Development classes for children PreK-8th grade
  • Parenting Classes
  • Speaker Series and Community Education Programs
  • Online support and services
  • Forget Me Not Radio – Taboo Topics – A podcast to educate and inspire.
  • Collaboration with other community nonprofits and organizations
  • Individualized support

Will you join us?

For more information about Forget Me Not,  our community offerings, sponsorship opportunities, or to schedule a workshop or a speaker, please fill out the contact form below.