No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.


I saw this and couldn’t wait to share.  “No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.”  Such very simple truths structured in these very simple sentences.

No Pity.  Yes, I am a survivor of domestic violence.  Yes, it was hell.  Yes, I don’t wish that life on my worst enemy.  But, no, I do not want your pity.  Please don’t ever tell me that you feel bad for me.  If you are alive, you have struggled.  We all carry our own demons, our own fears, and our own regrets.  My struggles cannot be compared to anyone else’s.  They are not more difficult or simpler to manage.  They are my past and they served a purpose.  They are a part of who I have become.  I do not share my story for your pity.  I share it so that others can learn from my mistakes, have a better understanding of what domestic violence is, and be a support to those in need.

No Shame.  Once, I was ashamed.  I was ashamed of my life, of my failed marriage, of my decisions, and of myself.  But I have learned that there is no shame in domestic violence.  It is not your fault if you are a victim.  There is nothing you can do that makes it ok for someone to mistreat you.  You did not cause their anger.  You did not cause their discontent.  You did not cause them to emotionally abuse you or physically batter you.  These things are not your fault.  These things were done to you by someone who has issues that are beyond your control.  Rise above them and be brave for yourself and your future.  But do not be ashamed of your story.

No Silence.  I will no longer be silent about my past.  I will no longer be silent to protect his reputation or shield him from the consequences of his actions.  I will no longer remain silent and stand by while others suffer.  Instead, I will break my silence and tell everyone, who is willing to listen, about the nightmare of domestic violence.

No more pity.  No more shame.  No more silence.  I am taking a stand to put an end domestic violence.  Will you join me?

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