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Calling All Survivors – Will You Share Your Story?


Are you a survivor?  Forget Me Not Advocacy Group is creating a survivor wall and wants to share your story.  Our goal is to raise awareness, educate our society on the prevalence of abuse, and to support those healing from domestic violence, child abuse, and rape.  We all know the numbers are too high, and by breaking our silence we can educate others on this very real issue.  Will you join me?

If you are willing to share your story on our survivor wall, please contact me at forgetmenot2012blog@gmail.com.  Let’s show the world what we are made of!


9 thoughts on “Calling All Survivors – Will You Share Your Story?

      1. Well, all is actually not well. Which is why I stopped writing for a while. But I’m back now and doing my best to pick back up! Your advocacy site looks amazing!


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