Fly Free


Where am I right now?
How far have I come?
I struggle with pain too well know,
And yet can’t understand where it’s from.

Today, I’ve come so far,
My life is not where it once was.
But tears grace my cheeks, while strife fills my heart.
Something is needed for there to be peace.

I’m surrounded by love,
Held up by a strength few possess.
Yet the loneliness of days gone by
Afflicts my every breath.

Emotions well inside me,
That which should bring me joy is met with pain.
I march to the beat of my own drum,
And wonder where I should aim.

Ideas are met with backlash,
Strength is blocked by fear.
I do not belong in this world in which I live,
My heart is so very far from here.

Just give it more time, they tell me,
The truth will sort it all out
You will make a difference,
But you must wait the other stuff out.

My patience grows thin,
My heart is weary.
I waited so long to break free,
Why can I not be me?

I spill my thoughts on paper,
My refuge in times of need.
One day I know it will be worth it
Complete freedom will come and I will be fully me.

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