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Refresh and Renew


I’ve been away for a bit. Going away, mentally and/or physically, is an important part of growth and transition. Sometimes we have to move away from where we are and renew our mind and spirit. So much has changed in the last few weeks. I left my job in the Government and took the leap I’ve been aching to take for the last three plus years. Some of you have been with me as I struggled to make a move. This decision did not come lightly, but as I sit here I’m so much more at ease.

I used the remainder of my vacation time to do a roadtrip with my love. We visited family, camped for a week in the mountains of North Carolina, and spent two days lazily floating down a crystal river in Florida. It was quiet and relaxing. It also gave me time to clear my mind of the negativity that followed me into the first week away and to softly land in a state of peace. This is a peace I have not felt for years.

I find myself creating boundaries and holding true to myself without the internal struggle that used to be there. Of course, there are moments when the old demons of self-doubt creep in. However, it seems I am more open to the positive than the negative and when the doubt comes along, so do reinforcements. It’s as though my willingness to move forward and release the negative allows me to see the positive for what it is. I’m reminded through others’ words or actions that staying true to myself is exactly what I should be doing…what we all should be doing.

And so, I enter a new phase; one that has already proven to be a different path than I originally planned. Forget Me Not is my path. My family, my love, my life, and helping others to persevere is where I am destined to go…for now, at least. As I come back to my home, my computer, and my new life, I am amazingly comforted and at ease about the unknown. I feel my creativity and love for writing and teaching being raised to a new level, and I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Finding peace has been a difficult journey, but that journey has proven to develop in me the strength required to stand up for who I am supposed to be. This is exactly what Forget Me Not is about; learning to live with me and for me. I hope, with all my heart, that you will join me.

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