20 Things You Can Do to Take a Stand Against Domestic Violence this October

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  But, I bet you knew that already.  So, what can you do to help raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence?  Here are 20 easy ways to get your October off to a good start.

  1. Wear a purple ribbon or clothing to show your support.
  2. Share information about DV and DV awareness on social media.
  3. Donate items to your local shelter.
  4. Invite your friends and family to follow DV Awareness sights on social media to encourage education and understanding.
  5. Volunteer to foster a pet that has been rescued from a DV home.
  6. Volunteer at a local shelter.
  7. Hold a vigil or walk in honor of those who have lost their lives due to DV.
  8. Make purple ribbons and hand them out to those in your community.
  9. Write a letter to local officials explaining how important DV awareness and legislation are to you.
  10. Share your story of abuse and healing so that others know they are not alone (you can do this on Forget Me Not Advocacy Groups Survivor Wall).
  11. Hold a fundraiser for a local nonprofit group helping to stop DV.  They are very often on a tight budget.
  12. Participate in the National Call of Unity to learn more about what is being done to stop DV nationwide.
  13. Show your support to a friend who is in a DV relationship.  Let them know you are there for them and that they are not alone.
  14. Volunteer to help a local nonprofit group raise awareness for DV.
  15. Donate money to an agency of your choice (You can donate to Forget Me Not Advocacy Group here).
  16. Start the conversation – talk to your family and friends about what DV is and how they can help others.
  17. Ask your school board to offer more training on dating violence in the schools – for teachers and students.
  18. Talk to your kids about teen dating violence, what it looks like, and how it can be prevented.
  19. Put a purple ribbon on your mailbox or house.
  20. Share DV Awareness flyers at coffee shops and local hang-outs.

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