Making Memories


There is a still in the forest.

So many sounds to be heard.

The croaking of frogs in the distance,
Crickets singing their nightly dirge.

Water sliding across hidden rocks.
Leaves fluttering in the breeze.

Your fingers glide across guitar strings,
Creating a sound to be absorbed by this sacred ground.

A hidden treasure buried within the woods,
Warmed by a candlelight’s glow.

Sounds amplified by a lack of sight,
As darkness snuffs out the sun’s light.

Orange hughs settle into the treetops,
While shades of gray tease pins of starshine.

Your music, it fills my mind and soul.
My love for you fills my heart.

Joyful tears cloud my eyes
As the bird above chirps goodnight.

The sounds of nature are calling.
Listen and they will invite you in.

Tonight we will soak up their story,
As we create more memories within them.

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