Everyone’s Problem

What grief has enveloped our world today?
Why can’t love simply be the way?

Those who are unkind to the ones they should love,
Take lives in additions to hearts, inflicting fear as they part.

What right do you have to claim someone’s life,
To steal it from a child taking their innocence and light?

What right do you have to take hers as your own?
She left you, you fool! She left you alone.

What right do you have to destroy those around you?
Your misery and need for power is beyond confounding.

You are the broken one, but you place it on others.
Inflicting pain and hopelessness, leaving them troubled.

We are all individuals, to choose as we will,
To stay or to leave…it is free will.

But you are above that, or so you do think.
If you can’t have her, her life is but a blink.

A flash and she’s gone, collateral lives you take too.
And then your own. You coward! Who exactly are you?

But no one cares who you are or from where you hale,
Only seeing a murderer, a shadow of a man.

But you are more than that, are you not?
An abuser who did not get what wants.

Society saw her problems as her own,
She kept them close with excuses she could own.

Only a few did she tell of your threats and misplaced thoughts.
Only a few did she tell of what she saw in your dark heart.

She kept her silence, believing you wouldn’t act.
Now her silence is permanent, she can’t get it back.

The storm keeps brewing while we pretend it’s not there
It’s always someone else’s problem to bear.

Perhaps today we will see the light.
Domestic violence is everyone’s problem, it is everyone’s fight.

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