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Wow! I am absolutely brimming with excitement! Have you ever had something come to fruition, and you don’t really know how, or when, or why it developed, but it did. It’s like the sky has opened up and the sun is shining brightly all around me. New energy is flowing and I’m almost getting too ahead of myself. There is planning, scheduling, getting the word out, and finalizing details. There are outlines and lists to be made, research to be done, and people to contact. There is no time for sleep, but that’s ok now. I’ve been sleeping. I’ve been struggling with when I was going to take the next step and what that step was going to be. But now I know.

And as I wonder how I will get everything done, and am simultaneously excited about the outcome of this work I’ve planned out, I also wonder why I allowed the stress of the unknown to attack me and drag me down. I mean, when have things not worked out? Every time I get worried that life is falling apart, it falls back together. Perhaps I needed that cloudy day – or week, or month for that matter – to get me moving. Maybe the fear and prospect of losing what I’ve worked so hard for was exactly what I needed to remind me of that project I’ve let simmer on the back burner for months.

Yes, you heard that right, another project. I love them. I thrive off of them. Starting new things and making them stick is something I live for. I crave time to do nothing and yet when I have that free time I find new projects to fill the space. Then, as I’m in up to my eyeballs I wonder what it is I’m doing. Do I have some sick fetish where I love to be all over the place and struggling to keep up? Do I really want a new item that I need to “sell” people on? I really don’t. But in all reality, creating new ways to educate and share brings life to me. And, this message is worth sharing!

I know for a fact that my struggles were for one reason and one reason alone so that I could help those who don’t have a voice. When we live the nightmare, we can relate to those who are not yet able to speak. And when we are forced to survive, thrive, and become whole again, we can relate to that individual who is struggling to just make it through the day. More importantly, however, is that this is not a job I can do alone. It is not a job that can be done even with the many who work next to me. This is a job that requires a societal shift. I can scream it from the rooftops, but if no one else is carrying that call to those in need, my reach will be minimal. So, I am constantly looking for ways to reach those who can carry that call.

Here are the givens; I love to write, educate, and speak. So, the idea has been simmering for months that there was a better way to reach an entirely new group of individuals. This idea? A podcast. What better next step than to turn that word usage into something for people to listen to. After all, many people are too busy to read a blog, or simply don’t care to.

There is so much information out there that needs to be shared. There are survivors whose stories have not been heard, activists that are working to change public perspective, advocates that are tirelessly giving day in and day out to support victims, therapists who are counseling those who are struggling to heal, shelters that operate 24/7 to feed and clothe the homeless and those needing protection, and the list goes on.

And the problem with blogging about it – not that I will ever quit blogging completely – is that it is hard to share what others have to say in written word. It can be done, no doubt, but it loses something. It loses the passion of the speaker (if they are not writing) and the inflection, emotion, and real-lifeness. It becomes a translation of someone else. When their voice has a platform, we can all learn from them. We can all grow individuals who are supporting the change our society needs in its reaction to domestic violence.

Together we can share stories of hurt, hope, and activism.

Over the past week, I have interviewed three individuals and all I can say is “wow!” Yes, I know, I said that already. But that is how I feel. Wow, wow, wow, and wow! You should just see what these people are doing for their community. You should hear their stories of survival. These are some amazing individuals.

And, here’s the thing. You can! They are being recorded and will be available on iTunes soon. For more info, you can follow this blog, visit, and follow me on Facebook @AuthorAmyD. I will be posting about interviews and announcing the release dates on all of these platforms.

This is a very important road in my journey and I would love to have you join me in my travels. Let others know too, because the more people we reach, the more change we can create. I look forward to meeting you as we venture down this road to podcasting. 🙂

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