A wink and a smile across the room.
An extra long hug.
A flirt or two
A bike ride at night.
A heart to heart on the beach,

We were testing the water,
Both hesitant to reach.

A week, then two.
I started to care for you.
But you chose to leave,
Leaving me to grieve.

I missed you and hated you.
You were just like the rest.
I could have had a friend,
But you toyed with my heart instead.

My anger bubbled,
But my heart moved on.
I couldn’t forgive you, though,
For what you had done.

My last words were hurtful,
You had no place in my life.
Keep your distance from me,
You are no longer a light.

Now, years have passed,
We haven’t spoken.
And I hear you are gone,
Just like that, gone, not forgotten.

I wonder if I could have helped,
If you would have reached out to me?
But I shut you out because I hurt,
With no thoughts beyond me.

I knew you were hurting,
But thought you could hold your own.
I was hurting too,
But our battles are not our own.

So now I say my goodbyes,
Along with so many others.
You left this world too young, my friend
Your life was not meant to end.


This was written in memory a friend who took his own life last week.  I don’t claim to be a good poet, but I could find no other way to express my feelings and thoughts on this.  Suicide is a heartbreaking situation. There is help if you need it. Your death will cause ripples you never expected. If you are suicidal, please know that there are many who will miss you and want to help you. Suicide is not the answer. Please reach out to those who love you or to the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

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