Time for Change

Sometimes you can just feel it.  It is a solid push into the unknown.  A coming together of feelings and ideas that you just know are meant to be.

Change has never come easy to me.  Honestly, it terrifies me more often than not.  As I told a friend yesterday, I keep getting taught the same lesson over and over.  No matter how disastrous change seems, the right things will happen.  You can’t fight it as you will never win.  And, each time it happens, I sit and wonder why I have not learned from my past lessons.  No matter how chaotic life gets, it always leads back to a place of peace in the end.

Letting go is not easy.  Moving to a new location, taking a new job, or changing the direction I am headed with an endeavor is never easy for me.  When I feel off, I should know by now that it will only get worse before it gets better unless changes are made.  But I often fight out of fear.  The “what if’s?” pile up in my mind and I shy away from anything that seems too difficult.  I chose to keep going down the same path with the hope that something good will come of it.  It never does.

So, when your gut is screaming out to you that things are not right; listen.  Forget Me Not, this blog and the advocacy group, are on their way to a make-over.  Change is coming.

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