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Finding Love in 2020


And just like that, a new decade is upon us. It’s been a long while since I’ve had time to just stop and think. Well, since I have made time to think. Busyness consumes us. I personally believe that there are very few who are immune in today’s society. We go from morning until night almost forgetting to breathe. Our minds are full of work, family, and home obligations. And, if you are like me, even when you have some downtime, you still find things to fill it.

Quiet, and time to think, are not always welcomed. Time to think allows the thoughts that have been buried to come to light. As long as we are busy, our mind is preoccupied with what needs done and there is no room for doubt, worry, and frustration to creep in.

This is a misguided approach, however. Not only do doubt, worry, and frustration creep in; they rear their ugly little heads as depression, anxiety, and unexplained mood fluctuations.

Living from day to day, in and of itself, does not bring happiness. Living in the moment, while especially important to overall happiness and contentment, is not a lifestyle that can simply be applied like a band-aid. It requires practice, healing, and a lot of self-love in order to work.

As we enter this new decade, a huge marker in my personal timeline of life, let’s do so from a place of love and positivity. If you have followed this blog, you have seen the fluctuations. From its start as a journal, where I sorted through feelings, dealt with anger and loss, and fought desperation; to my personal healing, triggers, and establishment of Forget Me Not Advocacy Group. It has been a summary of the somewhat driftless nature of my own healing. My writing follows my own personal path, which has wandered purposefully toward creating the most loving space (in my heart and mind) to live in.

That is where we are headed this year! I’d love for you to join me.

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