2020 · abuse · domestic violence · education · growth · healing · Intentions · poetry · sexual assault · Showing Kindness · survivor story · Teen Dating Violence

Fly Away


Pick up your pen and write with me
Of powers misunderstood.

The willingness inside of you
To focus on the good.

Fly away, sweet chickadee
Away from dark despair.

Your beauty lies inside of you
Not for sale or fair.

Robust your mind
Through space and time,
No label you shall bare.

Unique and true to only you
No frailness shall you show.

No one has control of you,
Only you can choose to grow.

Stand strong in what you hold true
For live with it, you shall

Others will try to put you down,
To cast you to the ground.

The world is but a stage, they say,
But an actor you are not.

Live true to yourself and soar above
The tempest and the rot.

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