2021 · announcement · growth

A Call to Action

Interestingly enough, when I find myself with time, I always come back to writing and art.  Both of these activities are really at the core of how I organize my mind and express my thoughts and emotions.  My writing, in particular, is an expansion of the plans I have in life.  Typing out where I’ve been and where I’m going proves therapeutic and a way of keeping myself on track.  Putting the words to paper makes them real and removes them from the clutter of my mind.  When writing, I often reflect on the past and how it has brought me to the instant in which I currently exist, realizing how each experience has made it possible for me to be who I need to be in order for these plans to take shape.  With each stepping stone that is reached and documented, there is this overwhelming realization that the dream is becoming a reality.  

This journey began five years ago, with the formation of  Forget Me Not Advocacy Group (“Forget Me Not”) and has been a winding road ever since.  While the scenery has changed drastically, from what I envisioned, the destination has always been clear.  I have learned so much, and I am blessed to have those who constantly remind me to ignore the roadblocks that threatened to destroy the dream.  Instead, I found new ways to move closer to the vision of giving young people the tools they need to lead a healthy and happy life (Forget Me Not’s Mission).  This vision has been the motivating factor in each major life decision I’ve made for the past five years! 

While most of our work has been in the form of personal support, educational talks, and workshops, we know that we can do more!  I believe strongly that it is time to take another leap of faith in moving closer to that vision, and I’d like to elicit your support.  We have two main, and substantial, goals.  While we realize these goals will not be met overnight, we are confident that it is time to share these goals and start working toward making them a reality.

Goal 1:  A Home to Call Our Own

When we envision Forget Me Not’s future home, it looks very much like a cozy and relaxing environment with room to host classes, groups, speakers, a children’s garden, family and community events, and a library.

Our library would provide a quiet escape that features motivational and self-help books, as well as community resources and educational materials.  Additionally, it would house a children’s section.

Our children’s garden would be a labyrinth of fruits and vegetables, native plants, sensory stations, a Zen Garden, and a natural playground.  This space would provide a place for children and families to connect with nature, attend classes, heal, and spend time together.

Our home would also host classes, family and community events, guest speakers, and therapy groups.  

This space would support those healing from abuse while raising up generations of self-confident, kind-hearted, community minded adults who will celebrate individuality and freedom.

Goal 2:  The Ability to Provide Scholarships for Alternative Education and Extracurricular Activities

Children who are victims of domestic violence often find themselves in a single-parent household or a foster situation.  They may live in poverty, in their car, or in a shelter, their families or caregivers unable to financially afford alternative education or extracurricular activities.  Forget Me Not wants to help these families have access to private alternatives to education (tutors, learning communities, private schools) and extracurricular sports, music lessons, and specialty classes.  

Support is welcome in any form.  We are grateful for any financial support, physical space, support of our mission, and/or encouragement you can provide.  If you are interested in walking this road with us, please reach out to me at info@forgetmenotgroup.org or visit PayPal Giving Fund.  Without you, it is a vision.  With you, it is a reality.

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