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#GivingTuesday and #FMNAdvocacyGroup

#GivingTuesday is November 29th!  After a weekend of holiday shopping and spending, a new day has been created to take a moment to give back.  #GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration.  As a new charitable organization, Forget Me Not Advocacy Group, is currently 100% funded… Continue reading #GivingTuesday and #FMNAdvocacyGroup


Men and Intimate Partner Violence

Did you know that nearly half of all men experience psychological aggression from an intimate partner in their lifetime? 1 in 4 men experience rape, physical violence, or stalking, and 1 in 7 experience severe physical violence. 40% of men have reported at least one form of coercive control (isolation, threats, blackmail, etc.) by an… Continue reading Men and Intimate Partner Violence


A Victim’s Tortured Mind

Try not to imagine why a victim stays, but rather, try to actually put yourself in their shoes. What happens when your abuser becomes your world? What does it feel like? I’m talking about the day to day emotions that wrack your body. What are the thoughts, the expectations, the realities of the world in… Continue reading A Victim’s Tortured Mind


Survivor Story – A Broken Vase

Life is interesting. It comes with no directions, there are few road signs to help you along your way and we all muddle along the best we can, hoping for the best. There are points along that journey that make us stop and look around wondering just how the hell we got there, and more… Continue reading Survivor Story – A Broken Vase


Survivor Wall – P’s Story of Emotional Abuse

It took me a long time to get to where I am now. I parted ways with my abuser (kind of) about 7 years ago. At times I feel like I can forgive and that I am at peace with everything, but that is rare and fleeting. I realized I had been abused 4 months… Continue reading Survivor Wall – P’s Story of Emotional Abuse


Survivor Wall – Yukon Chic

I am a survivor! My story is a bit different than the others I have read here on the Survivor Wall but I still think it needs to be told. I survived 13 years of every abuse there is, physical, mental, sexual, emotional, verbal, etc. Below is a very brief summation of my story. There… Continue reading Survivor Wall – Yukon Chic


Fundraising Event

My name is Amy, and I’m the founder of Forget Me Not Advocacy Group, Inc. , a brand new non-profit focused on stopping domestic violence before it starts and bringing community awareness to this important subject, while supporting survivors in their journey toward healing. Many of you have followed my blog and know my story,… Continue reading Fundraising Event