Making Memories

  There is a still in the forest. So many sounds to be heard. The croaking of frogs in the distance, Crickets singing their nightly dirge. Water sliding across hidden rocks. Leaves fluttering in the breeze. Your fingers glide across guitar strings, Creating a sound to be absorbed by this sacred ground. A hidden treasure… Continue reading Making Memories

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What if?

“What does your organization do?” the lady inquired as she picked up our flyer. “Domestic violence prevention.  We focus on…” “Oh, do you know where that shelter went?  Are you them?  I thought they were gone,” she stated while still reading the flyer. “No, we do not provide shelter.  We are focused on stopping domestic… Continue reading What if?

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Dolphins at Sunset

I’ve shared a lot about heartache and pain throughout my posts. I want others to know that I understand where they have been. It is my belief that it is only by experiencing the pain that abuse creates, personally feeling the hole that it leaves in your life, and being able to say”yes, I know,… Continue reading Dolphins at Sunset

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A Letter From My Future Self

Dear Me, It’s been thirty years since I last wrote to you. The year is 2046, and we will turn 70 this year.  I remember the turmoil in your mind as if it were yesterday. Our gut instinct was to walk into work and declare that we were never coming back. We felt owned and… Continue reading A Letter From My Future Self