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Follow Me

  Follow me to the shore, where the waters edge shows hurt the door. Where stars twinkle in the pale moonlight, and sandy dunes shadow the rocky sight. Follow me and show me your heart, love eternal is not just a thought. Breezes skitter creating seaweed squalls. Tiny turtles break free of the sand walls.… Continue reading Follow Me


Survivor Wall – Yukon Chic

I am a survivor! My story is a bit different than the others I have read here on the Survivor Wall but I still think it needs to be told. I survived 13 years of every abuse there is, physical, mental, sexual, emotional, verbal, etc. Below is a very brief summation of my story. There… Continue reading Survivor Wall – Yukon Chic


Crawling Out of the Darkness – Part 1

I have literally started this post several times over, but am determined to get my thoughts out in a clear and concise way.  This week, I have read a number of posts written by those struggling with, let’s call them, negative feelings.  As I read about each of your battles, I am reminded of the… Continue reading Crawling Out of the Darkness – Part 1


Coming Back from the Depths of Hell

“In the depths of hell, I learned who I was.  It takes a strong soul to endure so much pain and heartache and still make it out alive; to not get stuck in the deep, burning pit of misery.  It takes a resilient creature to claw their way back up out of the darkness and… Continue reading Coming Back from the Depths of Hell

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A Letter to My Younger Self

Dear Me, The year is 2016 and  you will turn 40 this year.  I thought I would take the time to write to you and share some things I think you ought to know. Several people have told me that I’m having a midlife crisis or that everyone goes through what I am currently experiencing.… Continue reading A Letter to My Younger Self


Loving me, loving you

If you can love the wrong person that much, imagine how much you can love the right one. Valentine’s Day is upon us.  It’s a day when couples proclaim their love for one another, and hearts and chocolates seem to rain down from the sky.  Yesterday, I saw a brief article on the origins of Valentine’s… Continue reading Loving me, loving you