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Dia de los Muertos

Today marks the annual Day of the Dead Celebration (DOTD) here in South Florida (and across the World for that matter).  As I prepare to go participate in the festivities, I have been thinking of those lost to domestic violence, and I am reminded of how lucky I am to be alive.   Dia de… Continue reading Dia de los Muertos

domestic violence

This Is Why We Do This

Maybe you have heard it before, or maybe you have used the words. “Why would you stay? I would never put up with that.” When you hear that an individual is in a domestic abuse situation, what are the thoughts that come to mind? Perhaps you think that anyone who gets involved in abusive relationships… Continue reading This Is Why We Do This


Why Should I Care?

It’s always good to have an honest friend. You know, that one who doesn’t filter their thoughts and simply says it as it is. This particular friend said to me, “Why should I care?” And he got me to thinking. He wasn’t necessarily talking about domestic violence, but he struck a chord with me. Why… Continue reading Why Should I Care?