“I came across forgetmenot for the first time a year ago through twitter, a blog post that was shared. I can still remember going to the blog and going through every single post since it started. Being a survivor of domestic violence, it was so helpful to realize that I wasn’t alone. Somebody else has gone through the exact same situation. Once I joined and followed the organization on all different social media, I also had long and very helpful talks with Amy whether on hangouts or Facebook. The support and understanding I got were amazing. Anyone can point you to resources for help but not everyone can offer a true listening ear and the emotional support I got from Amy. She showed me that I was not a victim anymore but a survivor, a worthy valuable person. With people working like Amy does in helping and bringing awareness, there is hope!”

  • Nikky

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“I found Forget Me Not Advocacy Group on the neighborhood community site NextDoor. I was drawn to this nonprofit when I saw it held monthly peer groups for domestic violence survivors. It was comforting to know there was a place I could go to talk to others that understood my past struggles and how they could still affect me to this day. I met the founder, Amy Daumit, before going to a peer group and I knew, immediately, that I wanted to be more involved with this nonprofit.

The first time I volunteered for Forget Me Not Advocacy Group was at a vigil in October of 2016 for those that did not survive domestic violence. It made feel good to be a part of something that really mattered in the world. I felt I could help this nonprofit make a difference in the world. Soon after I found myself getting more involved with the nonprofit and even became part of the board. Forget Me Not Advocacy Group has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever expected. It’s helped me find my voice, my confidence, and my courage to keep the conversation going about domestic violence.”


  • Amanda

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“Forget Me Not Advocacy Group has given me so many opportunities to give back to my community in so many ways and bring awareness to a real problem that is so prevalent in our society. The peer group meetings have also given me an amazing outlet to connect with people who have been through similar (and sometimes very different) situations as me and to understand the scope of how far-reaching these issues can be. It’s a real place to grow as a person and learn about yourself and interactions with those around you well coping with the things that you have had to deal with.”

  • Cristina A.

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“I will never ever forget the day I met Amy Daumit and learned of Forget Me Not!

On June 10th, 2016, I walked into Big Wheel Bicycles to pick up my gear, race number, and raffle tickets for the Forget Me Not Bike for Change event taking place the next day. I remember walking into the bike shop and being greeted by Amy, with her awesome smile, energy and passion that she always exudes, not only in life but towards growing this amazing organization to educate and raise awareness and put an end to domestic violence. We began to talk and Amy began to educate me about what this amazing organization is all about. She selflessly opened up to me, a complete stranger at the time, her own very personal stories and experiences of the very real and often silent epidemic called domestic violence. I am fairly certain that my mouth dropped and remained open during our conversation that evening, as I, too, was living that same nightmare on pretty much a daily basis with the man I had been in a relationship with for over 5 years and had married just two short months prior.

I am a very firm believer that everything in your life, whether good, bad, neutral or otherwise, happens for a reason. Whether one knows of the specific reason at the time is a different story and completely irrelevant; however, my having registered for this bike ride, meeting Amy, and being blessed by the gift of what this amazing organization has given me, was, indeed, the antithesis of a coincidence!

Since I met Amy, I have grown as a person more than I ever thought possible. Amy has taught me to believe in myself, love myself and be confident in what I and what we all deserve in life! I have gone from apologizing for everything (even things beyond my control) to having the confidence to walk away from the nightmare of domestic violence that I was living but was so completely in denial of!

Amy’s passion and her founding of Forget me Not Advocacy Group has not only been a blessing to me but similarly has and will continue to be for hundreds and hundreds of other individuals living with or affected by domestic violence.

Thank you Amy and Forget Me Not!!

  • Kate F.

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“Forget Me Not participated in the 2016 Open Streets Fort Lauderdale to create interactive music, dancing, and art performance to complement the event’s goal of transforming a space typically used for cars only, into a playground for people to walk, dance, bike, and play. Amy was instrumental in connecting the City with many local artists and participants for this event. Her efforts to coordinate, communicate often, and actively participate at the event made the partnership very successful and added value the entire event. Much thanks to Forget Me Not Advocacy for being a true partner to make this event more successful.”

  • Christine Fanchi, Livability Planner, Transportation & Mobility Department, City of Fort Lauderdale


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“Amy came to my school last year to do a presentation about Forget-Me-Not Advocacy. As far as I know all my classmates enjoyed it as much a I did, she kept it short to keep the attention of us teens but long enough that we learned a substantial amount and made sure to include games and activities to keep us entertained. I can safely say when she ended the presentation I new more than when she started.”

  • Giulia